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Friday 20th of Sept. 2024

9 pm - 2 am   Sunset-Milonga
DJ: Las Martinas  (Bayreuth / Limmerdorf)
in advance 13 €  (on the door 18,- €) 

Saturday 21st of Sept. 2024

2 pm - 7 pm Uhr Stars-Milonga
DJ: Cascolito (Bayreuth)
in advance 13 €  (on the door 18,- €)

9 pm - 2 am   Moon-Milonga (with Show S&J)
DJ: Hans Peter Salzer (Ravensburg)
in advance 23 € (on the door 28,- €)

Sunday 22nd of Sept. 2024

2 pm - 7 pm   Sun-Milonga
DJ: Poni (Limmersdorf)
in advance 13 € (on the door 18,- €)

Milonga-Pass  (4 Milongas FRI, SAT and SUN)  in advance 50,- €  (on the door 70,-)
In advance prices only till 6th of Sept. 2024.
After that day only on the door prices, if there are still tickets left.


Friday 20th Sept 2024

Workshop 1  5 - 6.30 pm

Rebotes - change of directions in different moments

WS 1   30,- € per person

Workshop 2  7 - 8.30 pm

Milonga -  into the groove - clarity and play with the music

WS 2   30,- € per person

Saturday 21st Sept.  2024

Workshop 3  12  - 1.30 pm

Paradas - classical and playful, timing and new directions

WS 3   30,- € per  person

Workshop 4  2 - 3.30 pm

Crosses - from the side, from behind and from the front

WS 4   30,- € per person

Sunday 22nd Sept 2024

Workshop 5  12 - 1.30 pm

flavour enhancer in tango - accents, double time and stops

WS 5   30,- € per person

Workshop 6  2 - 3.30 pm

Colgadas - minicolgadas for more dynamics in your dance (even in little space)

WS 6   30,- € per person

Sayaka and Joscha

When Sayaka and Joscha met in Buenos Aires they decided to work together bases on their mutual desire to develop and grow within this beautiful art of expression. They soon discovered the enriching potencial of their complementary backgrounds and approaches towards movement and dance. Since then they have been striving to research and deeply understand the effects of body mechanics and expression for performances from different angles.

In their work with Tango Argentino – whether performing or teaching – the personalities of Sayaka and Joscha contrast and at the same time complement each other.

Students and spectators benefit from their profound and rich understanding of both, the analytical, technical and mechanical side as well as the intuitive, expressive and energetical aspects of this dance.

Registration and booking

Registration starts on March 1st 2024. In advance prices only till September 6th 2024.
After that day only on the door prices, if there are still tickets left.

For the workshops please register as a couple. For single dancers we can try to find a partner. Please contact us and write an e-mail.


WS 1  FRI 5 - 6.30 pm 30,- €
WS 2  FRI 7 - 8.30 pm 30,- €
WS 3  SAT 12 - 1.30 pm 30,- €
WS 4  SAT 2 - 3.30 pm 30,- €
WS 5 SUN 12 -1.30 pm 30,- €
WS 6 SUN 2 - 3.30 pm 30,- €
package price: 4 workshops 116,- €
package price: 5 workshops 140,- €
all-in-package: 6 workshops 162,- €


Milonga pass

4 Milongas FRI, SAT and SUN  in advance 50,- €
In advance prices only till September 6th 2024.
After that day only on the door prices (70,- € per person), if there are still tickets left.

Registration and booking

For registration please write us an e-mail and list all milongas, workshops, seminarios you would like to book.
Please remember to tell us your name(s), telephone number and e-mail address.
After that you will soon receive an e-mail response with our payment request.

By submitting the payment confirmation we will send you your booking number. To take part in the booked milongas, workshops an seminarios you will need your booking number and your name at the entrance.


If you want to cancel your booking you can do that till July 19th 2024 without any cancellation fee.

For cancellations from July 20th till September 5th 2024 we will keep 50% of the booking price as cancellation fee.

Please note that from September 6th 2024 cancellations are no longer possible. But you can give your tickets to another person.

Location and accomodation

Venue TangoZauber 2024

Evangelisches Zentrum Bayreuth
Richard-Wagner-Straße 24
95444 Bayreuth

How to get there

by train

Our venue is in about 10-15 minutes walking distance from Bayreuth main station.

by car

from Bamberg via A70, B85 und B22
from Berlin or Munich / Nuremberg via A9 and B2

The venue is located in the city center of Bayreuth at the beginning of a pedestrian zone.
You can park your car for example in parking garage Badstraße.

Our fashion providers

Monika Sommer - fashion that dances

tango shoes from Tango Leike

Questions left?

If you have any questions please contact us.
info ( at ) tangozauber ( dot ) de
or on the Tangophone 0049 151 519 26 509

Light Design

Jochen Meyer



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